All our bags are made with top quality leather, designed for the discerning business lady who wants an exclusive look. Most will take an Ipad or Netbook.
Notes on Leather :
“The beauty of fine leather is that no two pieces are the same, and any marks in the grain or variations in shade is perfectly normal and your evidence of its unique character and that you have a genuine leather item.
The finer the leather the more the appearance improves with age.”

A Leather Half Flap Shoulder Bag in Black by Rowallan

CODE: 31-8846

£79.00   £59.00
From Rowallan's new DORCHESTER collection of Vegetable Tanned Cowhide Leather Bags - A half flap shoulder bag in Black only. Features:... More

A small cross body bag in leather by Rowallan of Scotland

CODE: 31-8809

£45.00   £33.00
    From Rowallan of Scotland's Route 66 range of handmade luxury Leather bags; A cross body bag... More

Antique Cowhide leather bag by Rowallan. Various Colours.

CODE: 31-8923

£45.00   £33.00
    From Rowallan of Scotland's ' Cashmere'   Range of handmade Leather bags;   A small leather... More

A Brown good sized twin handle bag by Rowallan of Scotland

CODE: 31-8939

£99.00   £74.50
             From Rowallan of Scotland's El Paso Range of bags, a Large Twin Handle leather Bag.... More

A Black or Sandal coloured twin handle leather bag by Rowallan

CODE: 31-9630

£90.00   £65.00
    From Rowallans bravo range, beautiful bags made with oiled buffalo pull-up leather. A really lovely bag to own.  ... More

A crisp leather twin handled bag by Rowallan

CODE: 31-9631

£89.00   £65.00
  From Rowallan's BRAVO range, beautiful bags made with oiled buffalo pull-up leather. Distinctive in their individual patterns of... More

A lovely rounded leather saddle style bag by Rowallan. Various colours available.

CODE: 31-9294

£55.00   £42.00
    From award winning Rowallan of Scotland's 'Razzano' range - a great set of bags to suit every occasion. Various colours and... More

A Ladies Oil Tanned Leather Bag by Rowallan of Scotland

CODE: 31-8550

£89.00   £65.00
  From Rowallan's CEZANNE range of crumpled oil tanned Buffalo Leather bags - A twin handle flapover bag available in three colours!... More

A Luxury Fine Leather Lady's Bag by Rowallan

CODE: 31-8543

£89.00   £65.00
  From Rowallan's CORNWALL collection of vegetable tanned Leather Bags - A twin handle top zip bag, available in two colours. Details:... More

A Brown Leather bag from Rowallan of Scotland

CODE: 31-8539

£75.00   £57.00
  From Rowallan's PRAGUE collection of Oil pullup Cowhide Leather Bags - A twin handle top zip bag. Details: Colours available: Brown... More