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Date added: 02/06/2018 Give Your Father A Treat With A Rowallan Of Scotland Gift!

Father’s Day possibly originated in Fairmont, West Virginia, after Grace Golden Clayton thought that it would be a wonderful idea to honour fathers and fatherhood.  She had heard about the amazing response Anna Jarvis had to an event celebrating her late mother’s life; and thought she would organise a similar celebration. The celebration remained very low key, partially because Clayton was a shy person and Fairmont was a busy place with many events going on at the same time. 

The concept of Father’s Day was reignited between 1910 and the early 1920s when Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired to celebrate Father’s Day after hearing a sermon about Anna Jarvis.  By 1938 a Father’s Day Council was formed and it took a further 34 years of pestering congress before President Richard Nixon signed the bill proclaiming Father’s Day as a permanent National Holiday in 1972.

Father’s Day is honoured all over the world, with each country marking the day with a different date.  In the United Kingdom Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, which is June 21st this year (2015).  Deciding what to buy your father for a gift can often be challenging and require some considerable thought.  If you bought your father a joke present last year or something you picked up from the local garage why not consider buying him an extra special Father’s Day gift this year.

As it happens we have a wide selection of beautiful Rowallan of Scotland leather bags and wooden valet boxes for you to choose from.


A Leather Toilet /Wash bag by Rowallan in Brown or Black

From the Rowallan Of Scotland Buchanan Range of toilet and wash bags, this soft cowhide leather wash is approximately  25cm x 15 x 12cm in size, has a two zip fastening, zipped internal pockets, waterproof lining and is available in brown or black.  If your father likes to travel then this little bag would make a fantastic gift for £33.00. We have a variety of other models/colours available so don’t forget to check them out.



Fine Leather Holdall in Tan or Brown by Rowallan

This Rowallan of Scotland 100% oil tanned buffalo leather holdall is eye catching to say the least.  At approximately  59cm(L) x 21cm x 33cm(H) you are looking at the bigger version of the bag which is available in tan or vintage leather.  With two zipped pockets and two pouch pockets your father will definitely be able to pack a lot of stuff into this holdall costing £110.00.



Wood lacquered Jewellery, Valet Box By Rowallan

If your father likes to collect watches and cufflinks this Rowallan of Scotland wood lacquered valet box from the Venice Collection would keep all of his precious belongings safely together. At approximately 26cm x 7 x 14cm this dappled honey design made from fine lacquered veneer over hardwood with a lift out tray would make a beautiful gift for £49.00.


Top handle Rowallan Leather briefcase with computer pullout sleeve

If your father is into gadgets then he is bound to have a laptop and where better to store and transport it than this beautiful leather briefcase with computer pullout sleeve from Rowallan.  From the Verona range this 41cm x 28 x 14cm vegetable tanned leather bag is perfect for a computer buff father for £115.00.


If you have liked the Rowallan of Leather bags we have suggested but would like to see our complete range please click here.

Date added: 29/04/2018 You Don’t Have To Be A CEO To Own A Rowallan Briefcase or Messenger Bag

In the past, briefcases and messenger bags were always associated with the archetypal business man, who commutes to work on a crowded train to an office in the city.  These days briefcases and messenger bags are much more stylized and are used by people from all walks of life.  Laptops and tablets nestle in sections that were once only reserved for files and documents, while smaller pockets have been adapted to keep smart phones and cameras safe.  Obviously business is no longer just the domain of men, as women are increasingly taking on management roles in the workplace.  Briefcases and Messengers bags are still fundamentally masculine in design, due to their straight lines and solid exterior, making them the first choice for anyone who wants to make a strong first impression..


Rowallan of Scotland have a respectable collection of leather briefcases and messenger bags that would be excellent to buy as a gift for a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned businessman, the lady in your life or as a present to yourself. Here are a selection of our favourite briefcases and messenger bags from Rowallan.


A fine leather Laptop Briefcase in Brown or Cognac by Rowallan

This fine leather laptop briefcase by Rowallan is available in brown and cognac. This satchel styled leather briefcase is traditionally made from a casual drum dyed buffalo leather and includes a pull out zipped compartment that you can keep your laptop in.


A luxury Leather overnight briefcase/laptop case by Rowallan

This luxury leather overnight briefcase/laptop case by Rowallan is part of our Verona range and is made of full grained vegetable tanned leather.  The large back pocket is suitable for your overnight clothes, while the front pocket is a perfect place to store your laptop and other documents. 


Top handle Rowallan Leather briefcase with computer pullout sleeve

If you prefer a more traditional looking briefcase, this top handle Rowallan leather briefcase is a perfect choice with brass trimmings and a suede lining.  It also has a pull out padded laptop sleeve allowing you to double the capacity of this beautiful briefcase.


A Black or Brown Leather Large Messenger Laptop bag by Rowallan

This large Messenger Laptop bag by Rowallan is from out Baltimore Range and successfully combines the best attributes of a messenger bag and a brief case. Made from fine oil tanned buffalo leather this large East West full flap messenger bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and a pull out computer sleeve.


Large Leather Satchel in Brown or Cognac from Rowallan of Scotland

This casual drum dyed large leather satchel from Rowallan’s  Bronco range  is available in brown or cognac and fastens with a flap and buckle as well as an internal zip. There are a number of different sized sections that can store documents and other gadgets you may have. 

Vintage Style Brown Leather Messenger Bag by Rowallan

Another casual drum dyed messenger bag from the Rowallan Bronco range is available in cognac or vintage brown.  It is large enough to fit almost anything you need to carry and fastens with an internal zip and leather flap secured with a buckle.  This simple styled bag would also be suitable as a large shoulder bag.


We have a wide range of leather briefcases and messenger bags for you to browse through.  If you have any questions about our products we would be happy to help contact us here

Date added: 02/04/2018 Rowallan of Scotland Holdalls Make Escaping Easy

How ever much we try to inject excitement into everyday life, the routine and responsibilities we have tend to develop into monotony and can make even the jolliest person feel low.  One of the most effective ways of counteracting these negative feelings is by packing your holdall and escaping to a life less ordinary.  Escaping simply involves removing yourself from a situation that is causing you to be bored or distressed.  Whether you like adventure, relaxation, heat, culture, churches, ancient architecture or fine dining you will need to make sure that you arrive at your destination in style. 


Rowallan of Scotland leather holdalls allow you to travel using any mode of transport with the convenience of being able to travel light so you can use them as hand luggage on a plane, keep them near you on a train or leave enough space in your boot to put any souvenirs you may have bought. All are made from good quality leather that ages so uniquely, so after a few expeditions your holdall will look as unique as your experiences.  We have specially selected four of our favourite Rowallan of Scotland Holdalls for you to look at.


Fine Leather Holdall in Tan or Vintage Brown

This eye catching Fine Leather Holdall in Tan or Vintage Brown by Rowallan of Scotland is made from 100% oil tanned buffalo leather.  This beautiful scrunchy bag is available in two sizes so you can decide how long you are going to go on your adventure.  As with all of our holdalls this Rowallan of Scotland masterpiece will make your adventure even more interesting.


Canvas/suede Mix Holdall in Brown or Khaki

If you fancy yourself as an Indiana Jones type of adventurer maybe this canvas/suede mix holdall by Rowallan of Scotland is more suited to you.  This holdall has been designed with action in mind and is up for bumpy journeys and waiting around in bus stations.  Whether you are a student travelling to friends or family or just starting to explore the world - this holdall is one you should consider.


A Twin Handled Holdall in Vintage Brown Leather

If you are considering escaping to far flung continents for your holiday this twin handled holdall in vintage brown leather from the Rowallan of Scotland Safari range is made from oil tanned buffalo leather and has a convenient shoulder strap to carry the load.  The name Safari suggests that you could use this holdall to help you explore the wilds of Africa and maybe take some stunning photographs of lions and tigers in their natural environment.

A leather holdall / flight bag by Rowallan in cognac

If you would like to go the whole hog and accessorize when you travel then this cognac  leather holdall/ flight bag from Rowallan of Scotland could be just what you are looking for.  This rich brown bag has been vegetable tanned to produce an interesting texture and colour.  If you like the appearance of this medium sized bag you will love the matching accessories; Toilet bags. Executive Laptop Briefcase and Messenger bags that go with it. Imagine pulling up at a five star hotel and handing this beauty to the porter to take to your room.



Wherever you decide to venture to for your holidays there is a Rowallan holdall waiting for you.  If you would like to see our complete Rowallan of Scotland holdall range click here.

Date added: 17/02/2018 Make Romantic Breaks A Habit With A Rowallan Holdall

February the 14th is the one day of the year where the world reminds us that we should either shower our loved ones with gifts or take them on a romantic break. However we do need to remember that there are 364 more days in the year and we can choose any weekend to go on a romantic break away.  If you are planning on whisking your Valentine away this February, investing in a luxury leather holdall by Rowallan of Scotland will make packing for your trip stylish and ensure that your clothes remain in good condition when you dress for dinner.

Quality Leather Holdalls

All of our Rowallan of Scotland holdalls are handmade with varying grades of high quality leather and vary in size from cabin or flight bags to the larger weekend bags.  Each holdall is individually designed and includes smaller pockets for your more delicate items.  Our Rowallan holdalls are available in Vintage brown, Cognac, Tan and Black and their appearance will improve with age.  All of our holdalls are made to last and will become a regular companion on business trips, weekends away and of course the all important romantic weekend.

Tan Tote Cabin/Gym Bag Holdall By Rowallan of Scotland

This tan holdall by Rowallan of Scotland is ex - demo stock so may have some minor cosmetic scuff marks and/or variance of shade but this will not distract from the high quality of the design, leather and stunning red lining. Originally £79.90 now available for £49.00 this holdall is worth a second look.

Tan Tote Cabin/Gym Bag Holdall By Rowallan of Scotland


A Brown or Black Leather Holdall or Flight Bag by Rowallan of Scotland

This medium sized handmade leather holdall is the perfect choice as it confirms to most airline hand luggage specifications.  It has a vintage look due to it being made from casual drum dyed cowhide leather. This holdall is also available in vintage brown.  Its recommended retail price is £169.00 but you can buy it at Queens Leather for £115.00, which is a fantastic price.

A Brown or Black Leather Holdall or Flight Bag by Rowallan of Scotland

Canvas Leather Holdall by Rowallan of Scotland

This canvas and leather holdall by Rowallan of Scotland would make a great gift for the student or young person in your life.  Its combination of either brown or khaki canvas and leather detail makes it a robust holdall that will survive any great adventure that its owner decides to take it on.

Canvas Leather Holdall by Rowallan of Scotland

Fine Leather Holdall in Tan or Black by Rowallan of Scotland

Available in two sizes this large soft scrunchy holdall in tan or vintage brown made from 100% oil tanned buffalo leather will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Fine Leather Holdall in Tan or Black by Rowallan of Scotland

These are only a few examples of the fantastic Rowallan of Scotland leather holdalls we stock.  If you would like to see our full range please click on the link here.

Date added: 14/01/2018 Enjoy the Pleasure of a Rowallan Leather Handbag

Buying a new handbag is considered to be one of the most important and exciting purchases a lady will make. Often a handbag is viewed at least twice before the final purchase is made. The size of the bag you choose apparently depends on which part of the country you live in.  A study has shown that ladies in London and the south purchase the biggest bags, those in the Midlands medium sized bags and Northern ladies favour small bags.

At Queens Leather we have a wide selection of leather bags made with the discerning business woman in mind.  All of our bags have been carefully crafted in fine quality leather by Rowallan of Scotland resulting in a beautiful finish that improves over time.  Most of our leather ladies’ bags can accommodate an Ipad or Netbook.

Leather Shoulder bags

Balancing our hectic lives can be almost impossible, especially when we have to carry all of our important documents and technical possessions with us. A luxury Rowallan shoulder bag not only looks fantastic, it will also allow you to have your hands free and be the super woman you are.  We have selected three from our vast collection; the first is a stunning twin handled leather shoulder work bag available in black or brandy. Secondly we have a front pocket zip top shoulder bag available in cognac or brown and finally a twin buckle shoulder bag available in tobacco.


Leather Shopper bags

When you are on the go finding somewhere safe to store your purchases can often be a challenge.  Selecting a Rowallan leather shopper bag will solve this problem and enhance your outfit at the same time.  The three Rowallan shopper bags we have selected combine practicality and style perfectly.  Available in brown or cognac this leather shopper bag will encourage you to shop until you drop, if you prefer a more compact style this beautiful cognac colour Rowallan shopper bag will make you smile. For those who like to prowl around the shops this designer leather animal print bag by Rowallan will certainly make you purr!

Leather Satchels

Originally associated with going to school and carrying homework book and a pencil case we used to be relieved to hang up our satchels for good.  Fortunately the crafty satchel did not want to be cast to the back of our minds and has fought back by being a retro style item that shows that we have great taste when we use it to carry our work gear.  Instead of carrying a homework book, a satchel can safely carry an Ipad without worrying about it getting damaged.  The three beautiful Rowallan leather satchels we have selected today are; a lovely leather satchel bag available in green, brown and plum.  A brown leather half flap satchel bag and a lovely leather satchel bag in cognac.

If you are debating which type of leather bag to buy you are welcome to visit our site as often as possible and you may find the bag of your dreams.