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Date added: 02/04/2018 Rowallan of Scotland Holdalls Make Escaping Easy

How ever much we try to inject excitement into everyday life, the routine and responsibilities we have tend to develop into monotony and can make even the jolliest person feel low.  One of the most effective ways of counteracting these negative feelings is by packing your holdall and escaping to a life less ordinary.  Escaping simply involves removing yourself from a situation that is causing you to be bored or distressed.  Whether you like adventure, relaxation, heat, culture, churches, ancient architecture or fine dining you will need to make sure that you arrive at your destination in style. 


Rowallan of Scotland leather holdalls allow you to travel using any mode of transport with the convenience of being able to travel light so you can use them as hand luggage on a plane, keep them near you on a train or leave enough space in your boot to put any souvenirs you may have bought. All are made from good quality leather that ages so uniquely, so after a few expeditions your holdall will look as unique as your experiences.  We have specially selected four of our favourite Rowallan of Scotland Holdalls for you to look at.


Fine Leather Holdall in Tan or Vintage Brown

This eye catching Fine Leather Holdall in Tan or Vintage Brown by Rowallan of Scotland is made from 100% oil tanned buffalo leather.  This beautiful scrunchy bag is available in two sizes so you can decide how long you are going to go on your adventure.  As with all of our holdalls this Rowallan of Scotland masterpiece will make your adventure even more interesting.


Canvas/suede Mix Holdall in Brown or Khaki

If you fancy yourself as an Indiana Jones type of adventurer maybe this canvas/suede mix holdall by Rowallan of Scotland is more suited to you.  This holdall has been designed with action in mind and is up for bumpy journeys and waiting around in bus stations.  Whether you are a student travelling to friends or family or just starting to explore the world - this holdall is one you should consider.


A Twin Handled Holdall in Vintage Brown Leather

If you are considering escaping to far flung continents for your holiday this twin handled holdall in vintage brown leather from the Rowallan of Scotland Safari range is made from oil tanned buffalo leather and has a convenient shoulder strap to carry the load.  The name Safari suggests that you could use this holdall to help you explore the wilds of Africa and maybe take some stunning photographs of lions and tigers in their natural environment.

A leather holdall / flight bag by Rowallan in cognac

If you would like to go the whole hog and accessorize when you travel then this cognac  leather holdall/ flight bag from Rowallan of Scotland could be just what you are looking for.  This rich brown bag has been vegetable tanned to produce an interesting texture and colour.  If you like the appearance of this medium sized bag you will love the matching accessories; Toilet bags. Executive Laptop Briefcase and Messenger bags that go with it. Imagine pulling up at a five star hotel and handing this beauty to the porter to take to your room.



Wherever you decide to venture to for your holidays there is a Rowallan holdall waiting for you.  If you would like to see our complete Rowallan of Scotland holdall range click here.